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Comcast Raising HD, Other Rates in November

Although they will not likely be alone when the dust settles (given the state of the American economy), the nation's largest pay-TV provider is telling its subscribers that it will raise several of its rates, effective Nov. 1. Comcast said its slight increases will affect everything from HD set-top boxes and tier services to its marketed packages for movies, sports services, and other major genres.

How many markets will be affected starting in November is not yet clear (Comcast has not issued a formal statement on it), but published reports suggest subscribers in several major markets have received notices explaining the fee increases. Comcast spokeswoman Jennifer Allen confirmed the November rate jump, telling HD Notebook that “next year the typical Comcast customer will likely see a rate increase of about 3.7 percent, which is below the national rate of inflation.”

Generally speaking, the fliers sent to subs indicated a price jump of about $5 monthly, with basic services growing from about $56 to about $60. DVR will jump $2 per outlet, and proprietary channels like HBO and Starz will climb about $1 each.

For Comcast customers who do not subscribe to certain program packages (which usually run $80 or more monthly), renting an HD converter box will climb to about $10 monthly, according to the reports.