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Cloud computing offers workflow efficiencies, savings to media companies

Cloud computing is helping media and entertainment companies leverage the Internet to realize significant improvements in workflow as well as budget benefits.

But putting highly valued HD, 2K or 4K source material on the cloud presents many traditionalists with a high degree of unease. Is the content safe? Will it fall prey to pirates and others looking to make a quick buck? Or, even on a more basic level, where is it, really? It’s certainly not down the hall on a shelf, where it can be picked up and held, and remove fears that it’s missing.

Still the allure of a cloud computing-centric approach to production, post and distribution is strong. Streamlined workflows improve efficiencies and shorten delivery times and ultimately improve the bottom line.

In this podcast interview, Ramki Sankaranarayanan, CEO of Prime Focus Technologies, discusses his company’s cloud solution CLEAR and how the security of content stored in the cloud can be assured.