Clear Channel Uses PacketShaper for Datacasting

Packeteer Inc. has provided Clear Channel Communications with the PacketShaper IP bandwidth management system as the basis of Clear Channel's Delta V Internet Accelerator Service, a DTV-based broadband service being rolled out in 18 markets this year.

Delta V is an Internet accelerator service that works in conjunction with an Internet service provider to speed file delivery to endusers. It allows users to keep their current email addresses and ISPs, while adding high-speed download capability to their accounts. The service is provided through DTV signals and translated in the computer through a special PCI card, antenna and proprietary software.

The PacketShaper with ISP Edition software and Dynamic Subscriber Bandwidth Provisioning (DSBP) allocates IP bandwidth automatically by mapping a subscriber's traffic profile to a prescribed policy. It actively provisions minimum and maximum bandwidth to thousands of concurrent Internet access subscribers. Because it can precisely allocate downstream bandwidth, Delta V can ensure subscribers get equal access to bandwidth, guarantee service levels and enable broadcast TV and Internet data services to coexist without interference.