Clairmont Camera begins offering ARRIFLEX D-20

Last month Clairmont Camera began offering the ARRIFLEX D-20 digital imaging systems for rent in Los Angeles.

The ARRIFLEX D-20 is exclusively available from the ARRI Rental Group and selected partners. Clairmont Camera has an extensive track record on the West Coast and in Canada, a comprehensive ARRI film camera inventory and a well-established digital imaging department.

The ARRIFLEX D-20 is a film style digital camera. Because of its single, Super 35-sized CMOS sensor, the D-20 uses the same lenses as 35mm film cameras and has the same depth of field as 35mm film. It has an optical viewfinder, is capable of variable frame rates and is compatible with ARRI film camera accessories. It outputs an HDTV signal in HD mode or via raw sensor information in data mode.

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