Chattanooga Looking for HDMI

A year ago it was not unusual to see news items cropping up here and there about one cable firm or another coming up short when it came to providing HD boxes to their subs in a timely manner. That shortage “problem” (which certainly beats having too many boxes and not enough customers) appears to be popping up far less frequently as the powers-that-be get their act together.

But there does appear to be a slight problem these days in Chattanooga, Tenn., according to the local paper. “There was a scarcity before the first of the year because of a mad rush, and the manufacturer struggled to keep up,” said a Comcast executive in that city. One subscriber said he had to visit the local Comcast office on three occasions before he could get an HDMI box.

“HDMI is not as prevalent as non-HDMI,” the Comcast official told the Chattanooga Times Free Press. She also said she doesn’t believe the conventional wisdom that HDMI is better than other connections because she has both an HDMI set-top box and a regular HD box at home and she doesn’t see a difference in image quality. And that could explain a lot.