CES2007: Toshiba SED Prototype a No-Show?

If anyone is looking forward to seeing the latest prototype of the new SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display television) technology project underway by an alliance of Toshiba and Canon, CES2007 in Las Vegas will not provide much comfort. The firms already had to delay the ramp up of their SED TV products until the fourth quarter of 2007, so perhaps the handwriting was already on the wall for CES, coming up in two weeks.

Toshiba said that unspecified "technical issues" will keep a planned 55-inch SED display from the annual trade show, according to Engadget.

The publication's Web site reports, "While another delay hasn't exactly been confirmed, in all likelihood there's yet another one behind the scenes, and it could be due to the tension between Canon and Nano-Proprietary. Reportedly, the two firms are in 'closed-door settlement talks' over licensed technology to be used on SED TVs, and the matters at hand could be forcing Toshiba's hand to hold back at CES."