CEA Now Consumer Technology Association

ARLINGTON, VA—The Consumer Electronics Association has a new name, as it will now be known as the Consumer Technology Association. In an excerpt from “It Is Innovation,” Gary Shapiro, CTA president and CEO, describes how the change in name recognizes the shift in the consumer electronics industry, most notably how the most important electronics developments come from technological advances.

CTA has grown in membership size and diversity since 2000, now featuring more than 2,200 members in fields that range from Internet retailers to 3D printer makers, drone builders to smart phone and tablet makers, and more. The change in name looks to reflect this.

“The word ‘electronics’ is limiting and does not capture all the innovation swirling around wireless, the Internet, automobiles, health and the new economy,” said Shapiro. “The word ‘technology’ better defines what we have become and who we represent.”

This is just the latest name change for the company that was first known as the Radio Manufacturers Association in 1924, but has since changed its name several times to the Electronic Industries Association, and the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association. It had been known as the Consumer Electronics Association since 1999.

The name for the CES trade show and conference will not change. CES has become "a global brand representing innovation," according to Shapiro.