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CEA Marks DTV Tuner Milestone

The Consumer Electronics Association this week celebrated what it sees as the arrival of the next phase of the transition to digital television in America: The mandatory inclusion of over the air DTV tuners in all products that have analog tuners.

"As of March 1, any product shipped with an analog TV tuner will also include a DTV tuner, making access to the benefits of DTV a reality for more American consumers as these shipments reach the retail store shelf," said Gary Shapiro, CEO and president of CEA. "The finish line for the transition to digital broadcasting is less than two years away, and the consumer electronics industry has reason to celebrate this latest milestone on the pathway to a successful transition."

Last year, the CEA adopted language for manufacturers and retailers designed to help inform and educate consumers to the planned cessation of analog television broadcasting in February 2009. The organization sent out a letter last month to more than 600 retailers, encouraging them to add the "analog" labeling language in product displays to make sure that consumers are getting the message about the DTV transition. A Web site for consumers has also been set up by the CEA to provide educational material for consumers. It's located at