CBS Claims Top Ratings on YouTube

A month after launching the CBS Brand Channel on YouTube, CBS's daily feed of news, sports and entertainment clips are among the most widely viewed content on the site.

The Tiffany network has uploaded more than 300 clips, which have garnered a total of 29.2 million views, averaging 857,000 views a day. CBS has three of the top 25 viewed videos so far in November, including clips from "NCIS," "Late Show with David Letterman," "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" and "The Early Show." More than 20,000 YouTube users have subscribed to CBS programming since the channel was launched on Oct. 18.

CBS says its late night programs have shown ratings improvements as well since the YouTube channel went live. Ratings for "Late Show with David Letterman" are up 5 percent, with an additional 200,000 viewers tuning in; "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" has seen a 7 percent increase in ratings, up 100,000 viewers.

"Above all the other good news, what's most exciting here is the extent to which CBS is learning about its audience as never before," said Quincy Smith, president of CBS Interactive. "YouTube users are clearly being entertained by the CBS programming they're watching as evidenced by the sheer number of video views. Professional content seeds YouTube and allows an open dialogue between established media players and a new set of viewers. We believe this inflection point is the precursor to many exciting developments as we continue to build bridges rather than construct walls."