CBA is Surveying Connecticut Stations

HARTFORD—The Connecticut Broadcasters Association is surveying stations as part of an initiative to convince the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to amend regulations that currently prevent broadcasters from testing or activating some generator engines on high-ozone alert days.

In October, hearings were held to begin the process of considering amendments to Section 22A-174-22 of the regulations of Connecticut State Agencies. CBA submitted a proposal, Radio World reported in February.

CBA Vice President Mike Rice says that this DEEP policy is problematic because high-ozone days frequently coincide with storms — and therefore increase the likelihood for power failures. Prior to such weather events, some stations may normally choose to proactively switch to generator power. Additionally, he says, many stations opt to test generators on a regular schedule, which could be disrupted by these weather alerts.

Completed survey forms should be sent to Rice byemailor fax (860-456-5688) before the May 22 deadline.