Canadians are purchasing HDTV-ready TVs at faster rate than Americans

Canadian consumers are purchasing HDTV sets at a faster pace than their U.S. counterparts, according to a new national survey.

The survey, commissioned by LG Electronics Canada and conducted by Decima Research, also found that Canadians lack the necessary knowledge and HDTV content to optimize their viewing experience.

Among the findings:

  • Sixty-three percent of Canadians know about HDTV
  • The 21 percent who know about HDTV have already purchased an HDTV-ready television
  • About 80 percent who know of HDTV have some interest in buying an HDTV in the future
  • Sixteen percent of respondents have an HDTV-ready set in their homes

Separately, Forrester Research has estimated there will be 12 million HDTV-ready televisions in the United States by the end of 2005, or about 10 percent of U.S. homes.

The LG Electronics Canada survey was conducted Feb. 10-13 through the Decima teleVox, a national omnibus telephone survey conducted weekly by Decima Research. Results of the survey are based on a sample of 1018 adult Canadians and are accurate 19 times out of 20 to within +/- 3.1 percent at the 95 percent confidence level.

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