Canada: MTS to Test IPTV HD

MTS Allstream Inc., Canada’s largest provider of Internet Protocol television services, said it plans “to trial” its next-gen high-speed broadband (computer) and IP (TV) services to many of its 75,000-plus subscribers in Manitoba before the end of 2008.

Unlike digital cable and DBS services, TV “signals” are distributed to IPTV viewers using a high-speed broadband connection via a digital phone line, including HD content. But like the competition, MTS said its IPTV services will provide “hundreds” of digital channels, along with electronic program guides and quick access to VOD—including a growing menu of HD movie and TV content.

MTS set-top boxes also will include DVR capabilities for capturing HD/SD content. The firm said it’s also in the process of teaming up with Microsoft and Alcatel-Lucent for some of its future IPTV services.