Canada: Hobbyists create ‘Super TV Antenna’ for HD

Within Canada, there are at least 18 free over-the-air HD channels broadcasting in HD signals from coast to coast, not to mention scores of other HD signals terrestrially spilling across the U.S.-Canadian border. With this incidental infrastructure in mind, a growing group of retired and “hobbyist antenna engineers” are currently meeting in online forums created for the Digital Home Web site for the purpose of devising a new “super TV antenna” that can be built by even those without engineering degrees.

Digital Home said its initial antenna design “began with an obscure 1950s UHF TV antenna called the Hoverman and [we] subjected the design to modern software-based computer modeling in hopes of optimizing its mid-range performance.” The end-result (although the antenna seems to be a constant work-in-progress) is the new “Gray-Hoverman antenna” which the group claims is more powerful than similar commercially manufactured consumer antennas in every category, said Digital Home.

The Web site reports that “in an act of generosity seldom seen these days, the group has released the design, diagrams, and schematics of the antenna under the GNU General Public License so do-it-yourselfers can build their own Super Antenna.”