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Camera Corps Q-Ball Captures Commentary at Wimbledon

LONDON: Camera Corps Q-Ball compact all-weather robotic pan/tilt/zoom heads have been chosen by a major U.K.-based outside-broadcast company as commentator cameras at the 2012 Wimbledon tennis tournament, the vendor said.

Camera Corps Equipment Manager Neil Ashworth said each Q-Ball is equipped with Camera Corps optical-fiber transmitter and receiver units that link the commentary studios with the master control room.

“In addition to the Q-Ball systems, we have installed Hotshot remotely controlled pan and tilt heads plus Minishots. One Hotshot is mounted on the stadium roof covering the Aorangi terrace and the London skyline. Other Hotshots are located on Center Court to capture video of the baseline, players’ wives and the royal box,” he said. “Each Hotshot is equipped with a joystick controller linked via 200 metres of three-pin XLR data control cable. The Minishots each include a Hitachi DK-H32 camera, Camera Corps control joystick plus a switcher box and are being used to televise player arrivals.”