Cahill shoots elephant documentary in HDV

Director/producer Paul Cahill shot his 30-minute Asian elephant documentary, "The Long Goodbye," using JVC's GY-HD100.

The documentary illustrates the conditions “domestic” elephants face in Thailand and the importance of preserving this species.

Throughout the 30-day shoot, Cahill captured 30 hours of video documenting Elephant Nature Park and the efforts of the Chiang Mai Rescue Center, whose founder takes in abused and injured elephants. The camera's lightweight allowed Cahill to follow the elephants and mahouts, or trainers, on their monthly journey to Elephant Haven, a place that gives the elephants free run of the mountainside during the two-day stay. Cahill and the GY-HD100 adventured through several rivers and streams, and trekked up a muddy trail to the top of the mountain

The documentary was Cahill's first work in HDV. He plans to use the GY-HD100 to shoot several breeding and rescue centers throughout the United States, such as the Oregon Zoo in Portland, OR, and the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN.

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