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Cabsat Mena: HD Coming Soon to UAE

Dubai may be among the newest, richest and most modern cities in the world, but it’s playing a bit of catch up when it comes to television technology, notably HD. But now HD is now on the near-horizon for the metropolis in the United Arab Emirates, according to the head of DBS firm E-vision.

Speaking on the eve of Cabsat Mena, March 3–5, in Dubai, E-vision CEO Humaid Rashid Sahoo Al Suwaidi said of the future of TV in the UAE, “I can tell you it’s very bright and in high definition.”

In an interview with Emirates Business, the TV exec said E-vision has been working on “new technology, new platforms and very new modes of television entertainment, and very soon it will be becoming a reality.” He didn’t say when, exactly.

Al Suwaidi said his firm is especially gearing up for HD, with special decoder shipments already in Dubai awaiting distribution. He said the only key hurdle blocking a faster ramp up of HD is the lack of enough suitable HD content to fill channel time.

E-vision plans a complete array of HD PPV/VOD options, as well, for subscribers, along with HD DVR capabilities.

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