Philips Introduces DVB-H Front-End Solution for U.S. Market

Philips Electronics last week introduced a complete DVB-HDTV front-end receiver solution for the U.S. market. The BGT211 features low-power consumption and does not require any external components. The DVB-H receiver is designed for use with DVB-H systems such as the one being constructed United States by Crown Castle. This follows Philips' introduction of a complete TV-on-mobile solution for Europe. Philips is currently sampling the BGT211 receiver to top cellular phone and small portable TV device manufacturers.

Will Strauss, president and technology analyst at Forward Concepts, said, "Philips is paving the way for TV-on-mobile, enabling consumers to connect to live TV, as well as pictures, movies and music, all while on the move."

He explained that by supporting the most widely accepted standards in TV-on-mobile, DVB-H and Digital Video Broadcast, Philips would be furthering global standardization efforts.

Michael Schueppert, president of Crown Castle Mobile Media, said, "We believe Crown Castle Mobile Media's ownership of unencumbered nationwide spectrum will make our planned deployment of a high quality, reliable DVB-H network possible in the United States. We also have unique expertise across wireless network, broadcast and content platform operation that is necessary to bring this innovative rich media service to market."

Crown Castle Mobile Media anticipates delivering live video and audio programming to consumer handsets, laptops and portable media players in major markets.