Broadcasters predict OTT will boost their revenue by 50 percent

More than half of television broadcasters questioned in a recently conducted poll say they believe OTT services will increase their bottom line 50 percent by 2015.

The independent poll conducted by MPP Global Solutions revealed 54 percent of respondents say they believe OTT would create the revenue surge.

"The TV industry is eager to fulfill the needs of the modern, digital consumer,” said Paul Johnson, MPP CEO.

OTT allows viewers to bypass or "go over the top" of providers of linear broadcast TV, allowing them in essence to program their own viewing content — on their schedule — wherever they are. In other words, the television viewing experience is becoming “pull oriented” rather than being built on a model in which broadcasters and pay-TV providers “push” programming to viewers.

“By 2015, more than 380 million people spanning the globe will view OTT content via a connected device,” said Johnson. “The TV industry seems poised to reap the rewards of adapting and judge OTT to be the lifeblood of future revenues.”

"What is especially exciting for broadcasters is the knowledge that the more flexibility and ease of service they provide, the greater the chance their customers will be loyal and, of course, happy.”