Broadcasters Form Alliance to Push Mobile DTV

A number of television broadcasters have joined forces and are working together to accelerate the availability and acceptance of Mobile DTV by the viewing public. The new organization, known as the Mobile500 Alliance, is made up of 30 broadcasting companies which collectively operate 340 full power DTV stations in 167 U.S. markets.

The Mobile500 Alliance plans to build on efforts already initiated by the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) in promoting Mobile DTV. The group is also interested in structuring the business side of the new television delivery system.

“The Mobile500 Alliance aims to develop a Mobile DTV business model permitting consumers to view popular broadcast content, as well as non-broadcast content with enhanced features,” said Colleen B. Brown, president and CEO of Fisher Communications, and chair of the Mobile500 Alliance. “To that end, we will work to secure content arrangements with program suppliers and enhanced consumer device features with electronics manufacturers.”

The new organization is inviting participation and involvement by all interested commercial television broadcasters considering Mobile DTV service.

“It is important the entire television industry support Mobile DTV,” said Brandon Burgess, chairman and CEO of ION Media Networks, and president of the OMVC. “The Mobile500 Alliance and its members are an important part of this developing service, and their efforts further demonstrate the commitment of broadcast TV to fully expanding its use of the digital spectrum and finding new ways to serve the public.”

The stations owned by the Mobile500 Alliance have the ability to reach some 90 percent of the U.S. viewing audience.