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Broadcast industry market study reveals most important technology trends

This is the first in a series of articles about the findings from the 2010Big Broadcast Survey (BBS), a global study of industry trends, technology purchasing behavior and the opinion of vendor brands. With about 5600 people in more than 120 countries participating, the 2010 version of the BBS is one of the largest and most comprehensive market studies ever done in the broadcast industry.

This article looks at how respondents ranked a variety of technology trends in terms of importance to their business.

To determine the most important technology trends in the broadcast industry, respondents were presented with a list of 14 trends and asked to choose which is the “most important,” “second most important” and “also very important” to their business. Respondents could choose only one trend as “most important” and “second most important,” but were able to choose as many as they liked for “also very important.” Note that this question specifically asks which trend is most important to their company’s business, rather than which is the most exciting technically or is currently generating the most industry “buzz” in order to gain insight into the commercial drivers behind the respondent’s answer.

This article presents the answers to this question in two ways: as a global trends index and by the percentage of respondents who indicated the importance of each trend to their business.

To read the full article, including more charts and analysis, please click here.