Broadcast Engineering Pick Hits: The rules

Broadcast Engineering Pick Hits are the most distinguished and longest running awards given as a part of the NAB convention. For the past 18 years our experts have selected the most innovative and exciting products from each NAB show.

Who are the judges?

The Pick Hits are selected not by publishers and magazine pundits, but by those who actually understand and will use the technology. The judges are readers of Broadcast Engineering magazine and working professionals in the broadcast, post and network and satellite industries. To protect the integrity of awards, they remain anonymous throughout the judging process. Broadcast Engineering’s editors and publishers DO NOT select the products and technology.

How are the products selected?

  • Products must be new and not shown at a previous NAB convention.
  • Products must have some positive impact on the intended user’s everyday work.
  • Products must offer substantial improvement over previous technology.
  • The product’s price must be within the reach of the intended users.
  • Product technology demonstrations qualify for consideration providing:The demonstration represents a planned product release,
    The demonstration is sufficiently complete that the end product or solution is clearly evident to an attendee.

How long have the awards been given?

The Broadcast Engineering Pick Hit awards are the longest-running and most prestigious technical awards given at NAB. With an 18-year history, (the first Pick Hit awards were conferred in 1985), the award has become the most coveted technology award at the NAB show.

How will my company be recognized?

You received a small placard at the convention, which was placed on the product for the remainder of the show. A special award plaque will be forwarded to you shortly after the convention.

Will there be any special publicity for the awards?

Yes. A special article on the NAB2003 Pick Hit winners will appear in the June issue of Broadcast Engineering magazine.

Can I use the Pick Hit logo in my ads and promotions?

Yes. A high-resolution electronic file of the Pick Hit logo can be downloaded at: You are encouraged to use the logo in conjunction with corporate communications and any advertising program.

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