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ATSC Transmission System Measurement Seminar In Elk Grove This Week

Gary Sgrignoli and SBE Chapter 26 will present a seminar on ATSC digital television transmission system 8-VSB measurements at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Center in Elk Grove, Ill. on Thursday, Nov. 17. Gary gave a quick run through of some of the topics he covers in the seminar during a session at the IEEE Broadcast Symposium last month. If you work with 8-VSB transmission, you should attend one of his seminars. DTV reception can be impaired by many hard to detect transmission impairments.

The seminar starts with a brief overview of the 8-VSB transmission system and basic measurement concepts before dealing with specific topics including: power meters; spectrum analyzers; clock frequency and jitter analyzers. He will also discuss methodologies for VSB laboratory measurements, VSB transmitter measurements and VSB field measurements.

Preregistration is $60. Enrollment is limited, but if seats are available at the door, the cost is $70. For more information, see the SBE Chapter 26 seminar flyer.