Boost RF Range With Your Head

Paul Boutin has a great collection of tips in an article I saw in the San Jose Mercury News. The article, "How to turn your head into an antenna, and other useful tips," has some simple solutions readers may find interesting.

The “turn your head into an antenna” tip involves holding the metal part of your car door remote key fob up to your chin. Boutin notes it capacitively couples the antenna to your head, increasing range by a few car lengths. I wonder if the size of one’s brain and skull have any impact on the gain of the head antenna? The other RF related tip involves using common kitchen items such as a cookie sheet as a reflector to increase the gain of a Wi-Fi antenna. It might help TV reception with a simple indoor antenna as well, provided it’ placed in the right location.

Other tips include a way to rescue dead hard drives, getting more ink out of a dry ink cartridge, rescuing water soaked cell phones, increasing cell phone battery life and more.