Blu-ray’s Video-Disc Share Shrinks Again

More SD DVD titles were sold in late January 2010 than in late January 2009.

While price points on Blu-ray players, movies and TV series titles continue falling — and sale of the 1080p disc format’s titles are more than double what it was a year ago at this time — Blu-ray’s overall sales share compared to standard DVD shrunk in its most recent weekly tally, to 11 percent.

In recent months, Blu-ray at times had managed to capture shares as high as between 13-16 percent. And while standard DVD sales had been steadily declining for more than a year, the older format sold more titles in late January 2010 than it did in late January 2009.

For the week ending Jan. 31, Blu-ray titles sales totaled slightly more than $21 million — up a whopping 106 percent over a year ago. But while standard DVD movie and TV series purchases were up barely 7 percent for the week over last year, DVD sales nevertheless totaled $167 million (89 percent share), according to Home Media Research.

Consequently, overall video-disc sales for the final week of January 2010 totaled more than $188 million — which was 13.3 percent higher than a year ago.