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Blu-ray Title Sales' Share at 10 Percent

The up-and-down percentage share of Blu-ray movie titles compared with standard DVD found some middle ground between its highs and lows of the past several weeks, settling in at an even 10 percent of video-disc market share for the second week in March.

While Blu-ray's total revenue share for the week was typically far higher than it was exactly a year ago, its jump was relatively low at a bit over 34 percent. Also typically, standard DVD's revenue share was down over a year ago — nearly 4 percent for the week, according to Home Media Research. (Overall sales of both formats were down about one percent from a year ago.)

Blu-ray titles cashed in at $22.5 million for the week ending March 14, while DVD film/TV titles picked up the rest at about $200.5 million.

Bottom line: 9-out-of-10 video discs sold earlier this month were standard DVD.