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Blu-ray Revenue Share gets a Bump Up

Blu-ray's share of the overall video-disc revenue pie shot up to 16 percent in early June, no doubt helped by four major entries — including "Alice in Wonderland" and "Avatar."

Since Blu-ray title sales are still relatively low compared to standard DVD, the addition of only one or two new Blu-ray movies can make a big difference.

For the weekend ending June 6, Blu-ray revenue was just over $31.7 million — which was up nearly double in Blu-ray sales for the same week a year ago, according to Home Media Research. Standard DVD's remaining 84 percent of shared video-disc revenue totaled more than $168 million, a dip of nearly 6 percent over early June 2009,

Overall Blu-ray/DVD disc sales were just under $200 million for the week, a climb of about 14 percent over a year ago.