Blu-ray Hovers at 16 Percent of Disc Sales

Despite some hefty ad campaigns by both retailers and content distributors to push Blu-ray titles in the past several months, the format continues to account for only 15 to 17 percent of the overall videodisc pie, according to the most recently compiled data. Nevertheless, Blu-ray titles continue to far outsell themselves from a year ago. Standard DVD content also is showing some revenue upticks--something the older medium has not down in recent quarters.

For the week ending Oct. 25, Blu-ray disc sales revenue was up nearly 185 percent as compared to the same week a year ago (($38.86 million). That represents 16 percent of the video-disc pie. Standard DVDs accounted for $210.66 million, which was up about 24 percent up from late October 2008, according to Home Media Research.

Overall video-disc sales totaled $249.5 million for the week, a jump of nearly 36 percent from a year ago.