Black Friday: Potential HD Buyers Standing By

From HD Notebook

Early signs of how much the weakened economy will affect the HD/Blu-ray Disc market for the holidays will start to become apparent a week from today. Both Black Friday (Nov. 28) and the first full weekend of the holiday sales season immediately following it will give some initial indication of whether shoppers are actually making purchases or just doing a lot of aisle-strolling and wishful looking.

And whether Black Friday’s special discounts remain strictly a one-day event or are re-established for a few days (or weeks) could depend on how much product is moving off the shelves by early December. For now, some specials at major chains will pertain only to Friday, Nov. 28, some prices only to Saturday, Nov. 29—and some for both days.

According to a sampling of early ad fliers from some major retailers such Costco, K-Mart, Sears and Best Buy posted online at Black Friday Info, a few general trends appear to be emerging:

  • Some Blu-ray players will start at under $200 (including a Sony brand for $180).
  • Several 46-inch 1080p LCDs will hover at around $1,100.
  • A few 42-inch 1080p LCDs will be marked down to $800 or less (online, too, such as at Dell).
  • An assortment of brand name 32-inch 720p LCD sets will go for under $600, with some 26-inch 720p models under $300.
  • At least several dozen Blu-ray movie titles will go for $20 or less, and some of the 1080p discs (titles not specified) for under $15

But be forewarned that some of the best deals do not become apparent until just before Black Friday—and some on-site surprises at a few retailers are never advertised at all.

Seven days and counting… Stayed tuned.