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BitGravity Promises Instant-Start HD Live Streaming

BitGravity says it will unleash its newest form of online video streaming in April (possibly for NAB, although it didn’t commit to that) that its CEO, Perry Wu, said will provide both HD and SD clarity that he thinks will prove to be “truly stunning.” BitGravity specializes in providing HD/SD streaming online without a lot of startup time or buffering, and is now concentrating some of its attention to live online streaming—including HD clarity, it says.

At a recent West Coast demo, the Burlingame, Calif., firm said online users are demanding higher clarity, especially as live Internet viewing grows in popularity (i.e., Hulu, CNET.TV). BitGravity thinks requiring expensive, super-powered computing to achieve top-rate video quality is not the practical answer. So BitGravity is working on a streaming mode that provides both original or simulcast video (such as from a live HD broadcast) with only a few seconds delay to start up online.

An HD-level stream, Wu said, can be sent quickly and at very low bit-rates without prior downloading requirements or special video-player software. The firm’s emerging streaming schemes, if successful, could open up virtually all online video to most computer users, technically speaking.

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