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BITE TV manage program schedules with BroadView solution

BroadView’s software is helping BITE TV manage content to address an “unusual scheduling challenge.”

BITE TV, the new interactive Canadian television channel that debuted April 20, is using integrated traffic and programming software from BroadView.

BroadView traffic and programming helped BITE manage programming and commercials. With no standard program or commercial lengths, and a schedule that is not divided into standard blocks of time, the company described the situation as a “a very unusual scheduling challenge.”

Because neither its programming nor advertising conform to expected television standards in terms of duration, the program schedule could be described as free-form, with each day being unique. Thus, the process of actually putting the schedule together is more complex than in a conventional broadcasting scenario, since the programming staff cannot simply slot programs into pre-configured blocks of time.

In another unusual programming feature, BITE runs in a split-screen mode with multiple activities going on simultaneously. BroadView is required to traffic these other sections of the screen as well and uses a dual-channel scheduling approach.

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