BGAN Leads Inmarsat Pack

Inmarsat's BGAN mobile broadband service, now 12 months old, has become that company's fastest growing satellite service offering.

Worldwide, a total of some 10,000 BGAN terminals have been activated in 175 countries during the past 12 months. It has now become an essential tool for any entity beyond the reach of terrestrial networks needing reliable voice and data communications.

In the U.S. alone, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has more than 500 terminals.

"BGAN is easy to carry and quick to deploy, and it continues to prove itself by delivering broadband communications where terrestrial networks simply cannot reach," said Drew Brandy, Inmarsat's head of land mobile services. "BGAN has shown that it can take Inmarsat deeper into its core markets, but can also penetrate new markets and attract users that would not previously have considered satellite communications."

BGAN service has become an essential tool for many broadcasters, oil and gas companies and government agencies. It can provide simultaneous voice and broadband data communications at speeds up to 492 kbps.