Belo Taps Sundance Digital, BTi to Air EAS

Belo's CBS-affiliate KENS-TV in San Antonio, Texas will soon be using an automated process for broadcasting EAS information. BTi's Emergency Alert Attendant to broadcast emergency information. The "Emergency Alert Attendant"--developed by BTi, a developer of software-based scheduling technology--works with Sundance Digital's Titan Automation in KENS-TV's master control. Sundance, based in Dallas, Texas will be deploying automation systems all throughout the television group.

Sundance Digital's President Robert C. Johnson said that BTi's system knows how and when to integrate just-received emergency weather or Amber Alert information into program video.

"This is yet another example of how different computer systems in the station, when allowed to communicate and share information with each other, can provide higher levels of automation and operational efficiency," said Bob Mathews, BTi's president and chief technology officer.