Belo Expands Traffic & Billing Contract with Harris

Belo Corp. one of the nation's largest pure-play, publicly traded television companies, has extended its existing contract for the Harris OSi-Traffic inventory management and accounting solution, and has added OSi-AdConnections broadcast sales software and NetGain analytics software.

The agreement will expand Belo Corp.’s Harris system beyond traffic and billing to include research, proposals and management analytics. This marks the first implementation of the NetGain software in a U.S. broadcast television environment, according to Harris.

“Since 2002, Belo has used OSi-Traffic software to enable zoned, multi-signal and multimedia functionality in a centralized environment,” said Steve McIntosh, vice president and general manager, Belo Advertising Customer Services. “These functionalities have allowed Belo to recognize significant cost savings and have greatly improved related processes. The seamless interoperability between OSi-Traffic, OSi-AdConnections and NetGain will help ensure our stations are well-positioned to efficiently manage emerging media products, while enabling quality service to their advertising clients.”

By additing the OSi-AdConnections Web-based sales proposal software, Belo sales team members get immediate access to research, overnights, proposals and posts from anywhere Internet access is available. Additionally, TheNetGain business intelligence provides dashboards and reporting for management in an easy-to-use interface designed to provide quick insight into key business drivers. Together with Harris traffic and billing, this platform delivers significant business benefits by streamlining information across the sales operation, enhancing decision-making to identify new revenue opportunities.

“Today’s emphasis on both traditional and emerging revenue streams means broadcasters must find new and innovative ways to optimize media sales,” said John Patrick, director of product management, Media Software Solutions, Harris Broadcast Communications. “Timely, actionable and accurate information are key to making informed decisions that lead to improved profitability. This project underscores how Harris is uniquely able to deliver fully integrated media solutions that enable broadcasters to net real business results.”