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BellSouth to create “wired” community in Atlanta

BellSouth and Kenneth G. Horton Development Corporation have teamed up to create what they describe as one of the most comprehensive digitally wired residential communities in the country.

Located just outside of Atlanta, Ga., the project — named Governors Towne Club — will integrate high-tech security systems, community-based Intranet services and home automation technologies into 500 new homes. The homes will feature networking solutions that allow homeowners to have integrated services such as a single Internet connection that can be shared by the entire family using multiple computers and Web-enabled devices. Residents will be able to choose from a variety of home automation packages that will allow control of amenities such as networked video signals, alarm systems, air-conditioning units, sprinkler systems — all from inside the home, the backyard or a remote location.

The project will feature an all-digital video distribution throughout the community. A closed-circuit television will enable community surveillance systems that can monitor homes, entry gates and children at the pool.

Premium home theater systems will offer customers a full size cinema screen, digital surround sound and a wireless touch screen remote control.

Developer Kenneth G. Horton has completed phase one of the project's development. The builders expect to have the first homes completed by spring of 2003.

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