BBC to Get Schooled on Interactive TV

LONDON — The BBC is going to school for TV interactivity. The network’s R&D group is collaborating with several U.K.-based universities on a new BBC User Experience Research Partnership. The institutions, described as “leading universities in the fields of User Experience and Human Computer Interaction research,” include The University of Bath, The University of Dundee, University College London, Newcastle University, The University of Nottingham and Swansea University. All have committed to support the initiative for at least four years.

The partnership will explore the potential of new forms of content and interaction in a multiplatform world, alongside new ways of producing media that will help make content more accessible to all audiences, the BBC said. The research outcomes will be shared with the industry.

The technical scope of the partnership covers several aspects of TV interactivity, including the development of multiplatform public service functions, interfaces beyond voice and gesture, accessibility by the disabled, young children and seniors; and new production interfaces.