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BBC Technology consuls for Caribbean’s National Broadcast Network

BBC Technology has been selected to deliver a five-year business plan to the New National Broadcast Network (NBN) of Trinidad and Tobago (New NBN).

The National Broadcast Network is being reformed to better respond to changing local market conditions and to help deliver more efficient and innovative programming and services. As part of the transition process, New NBN will submit a business plan for the new organization to the cabinet for its consideration. The project, beginning March 2004, will see BBC Technology assess New NBN’s key markets, review its business priorities and provide a range of strategic recommendations to New NBN stakeholders.

The new NBN will manage and operate Trinidad and Tobago television and three regional radio stations. BBC Technology will focus on providing a five-year business plan that will provide strategic recommendations to support and extend New NBN’s competitive advantage and to enable it to deliver sustainable operations from the outset.

BBC Technology’s consultants will deliver strategic recommendations on how New NBN can reposition itself in the broadcast marketplace and run a financially viable and more efficient operation. The project will address a wide range of New NBN business functions, including content production, editorial activities, content acquisition, distribution, sales operations, archiving, new media, operations, organization design and broadcast infrastructure. It will also consider the underpinning processes, people and technology required to drive the business plan.

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