BBC Taps Shotoku for Camera Robotics

The BBC has purchased control systems and pan and tilt heads from Shotoku to install in its Television Centre in London.

Installation of the five-studio configuration is already underway at the facility. The transaction includes Shotoku TR-8T touchscreen control panels, which will be integrated with existing remote camera systems as well as new Shotoku TG-18VR pan and tilt heads. Shotoku's popular TP-80 manual studio pedestals equipped with TI-12 height drives will support the new heads. Several existing pan and tilts will be controlled via the Shotoku CMC-400 motion controller.

The system also includes a complete CCU interface sub-system providing remote control of camera functions on multiple camera platforms via the Shotoku CCU Interface unit (CIU). The CIU supports Ethernet or serial data control of several camera types and integrates with the TR-8T control systems.

The system is expected to be completely installed by this summer.