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BBC iPlayer goes top of the brands

The BBC’s highly successful online video service, iPlayer, has beaten top global high tech brands such as Apple, Google and Amazon in a UK popularity poll. This highlights the potential for other OTT services around the world if they can provide the right content and make it accessible simple navigation and search.

The BrandIndex’s Buzz score survey by UK polling group YouGov found that iPlayer had relegated Amazon into second place in the UK’s league of favorite brands, with much-loved retail group Marks & Spencer third, Apple sixth, Samsung ninth, and Google 10th.
Participants in the survey praised the iPlayer for its positive and engaging user experience. This follows various recent enhancements, including addition of non-BBC content, while the Live Restart capability, enabling viewers to rewind a live stream, appears to have been especially popular.

The BBC iPlayer service is available in a different format outside the UK in 11 European countries, as well as Canada and Australia, but on subscription. In the UK, it is free.