Baytech offers solid-state recording for digital cinematography

At the recent SIGGRAPH 2004 conference, Baytech Cinema announced the availability of its CineRAM 422 recorder, a solution for uncompressed digital cinematography applications and advanced HD production.

CineRAM 422 allows the Panasonic Varicam camera and other single-link HD-SDI cameras to capture uncompressed image data to computer-based storage; bypassing the need for expensive custom real-time disk recorders.

CineRAM 422 includes immediate shot review, frame rate conversion, and test pattern signal generation. Until recently, CineRAM was only available with the dual-link 4:4:4 interface used by the ultra-high-end Thomson Grass Valley Viper FilmStream camera and Sony’s F-950 camera.

Weighing about 5lbs, the CineRAM 422 is small enough to be mounted to the camera, carried in a camera bag or attached to a Steadycam, boom or dolly. On the set, multiple CineRAM units can be networked with image archive servers. In the field, CineRAM can be connected directly to a laptop and images can be uploaded onto portable ITU-1394 firewire drives.

CineRAM 422 is available from Baytech Cinema at and via its authorized dealers and rental houses.

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