Axcera aims to fast-track mobile TV services

Axcera introduced its new ATSC Mobile TV broadcasting system at NAB, providing real-life demos of the system as well as the company's Distributed Transmission System (DTS) for single-frequency networks (SFN).

Axcera's mobile TV architecture is designed to put broadcasters' mobile operations on the fast track with a single system for both terrestrial and mobile content via its ATSC Mobile DTV Multiplexer, which combines terrestrial and mobile content into a single transport stream.

The output feeds an ATSC broadcast transmitter that includes Axcera’s Axciter adaptive digital TV modulator. Existing transmitters, regardless of manufacturer, can be retrofitted with the Axciter to be ATSC M/H capable. The mobile TV service can be broadcast from a single transmitter or from multiple transmitters configured in a DTS.

"It's the whole solution for broadcasters to add mobile broadcasting capabilities," said Axcera CEO David Neff. "It gives broadcasters flexibility of combining existing content with new content or simulcasting to the mobile audience."

Axcera also introduced three new transmitters and repeater/gap filler products for TV and mobile multimedia broadcasting: the 6X Series liquid-cooled, high-power solid-state transmitter; 8XC Series Mobile Multimedia Base Station; and Innovator CX compact, low-power transmitter/translator/gap-filler.

The 6X Series is a liquid-cooled, high-power solid-state transmitter that includes Axcera's frequency-agile exciter and LDMOS devices for broadband operation across the entire UHF band. The modular design features hot-swappable parallel amplifier and power supply modules. The 6X Series transmitters are available in power levels up to 30kW DVB-T or 40kW ATSC.

The 8XC Series Mobile Multimedia Base Station supports worldwide mobile DTV standards, including: DVB-T, DVB-H, DVB-SH, ATSC, CMMB (STiMi), DAB/T-DMB, MediaFLO and SDARS. Available in both indoor and outdoor configurations, 8XC Series transmitters are available from 200W to greater than 1kW average power and are available in multiple frequency bands including VHF, UHF, L-band and S-band.

A low-power transmitter that can be configured as a transmitter, regenerative translator or a gap filler, the Innovator CX is designed for low-power applications where space and cost are a consideration. The gap-filler version, which outputs the same channel as the input, offers an echo-canceling, low-delay option. The Innovator CX also offers digital linear and nonlinear precorrection, a frequency-agile exciter, broadband amplifiers, a browser-based interface and is available at power levels up from 5W to 250W ATSC, or 3W to 200WDVB with up to 50W available in a single, rack-mount package.