Autoscript technology supports royal wedding coverage for CBS News

Autoscript's ( teleprompting technology was on location with CBS News on April 29, helping to deliver its extensive coverage leading up to and throughout the royal wedding festivities in London.

To help broadcast the royal wedding, CBS, which typically employs Autoscript teleprompters for all U.S. broadcasts, extended its use of the company's teleprompters and WinPlus software, for use by CBS "Evening News" Anchor Katie Couric, "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill, royals contributor Victoria Arbiter and other correspondents, during the wedding coverage.

Autoscript's prompting equipment was deployed at each of the network's three anchor locations — the Tower of London, Methodist Central Hall and the Canada Gate. Exceptionally versatile and perfect for use on location with Steadicams, Autoscript's LED8TFT high-bright teleprompters were placed at the Tower of London. As one of the most important features needed in a portable prompting system for outdoor use is the brightness level, the LED8TFT high-bright technology helps to deliver an outstanding performance under daylight conditions. For its Central Hall and Canada Gate anchor locations, CBS News used Autoscript LED17TFT teleprompters. The superior light distribution of Autoscript's LED TFT-Plus technology delivers higher contrast levels and an overall picture quality reliable for broadcast.