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Autoscript Scores Major Sale in Turkmenistan

TWICKENHAM, U.K.: Autoscript announced that it won the contract to supply a large portfolio of prompting equipment for a brand new media center being launched by Turkmenistan’s public television broadcaster. The Turkish systems integrator Bilgipark was instrumental in the sale.

The new media center will run six television channels, producing a variety of live productions including news, sports programmes and live studio shows. Autoscript will supply all prompting equipment for the six channels, including 25-by-19-inch LED TFT units, 25-by-15-inch LED TFT units and 11 PCs running WinPlus software, plus accessories including ClockPlus timecode display units and Magno foot controls. Installation will begin at the end of August 2011, with the first channels scheduled to go live in October 2011.