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Autoscript promoters keep ‘Main Street Living’ light on its feet

The production crew of “Main Street Living,” a Lutheran television program, is using teleprompter systems from Autoscript as it travels from church to church to produce its hour-long, weekly series. In order to keep production highly portable, they use two 15in TFT Entry Level Prompters (ELP).

Autoscript’s ELP 15 on-camera prompters feature all of the important functionality in a lightweight and portable system that makes it ideal for on-location shoots. Used with handheld Panasonic AG-DVX100 BP cameras on a tripod and a small audio board, the entire system can fit into the back of a van.

In one session, they can shoot anywhere from six to eight ministers on a Saturday morning, according to Gene Schultz, the show’s technical advisor. “We work in a portable studio, so we need a system that doesn’t require us to set up days in advance. It’s supposed to work, and it does.”

In addition, Schultz uses a distribution amp to feed both monitors with the same text for the ministers during shooting. “This allows us to get a different angle on-camera, helping to make the show more visually appealing. And it works great, too. You can go as fast as the minister is speaking or slow it down. It’s instantaneous and very professional.”

Autoscript’s newest ELP 15 teleprompter, the ELP 15 Plus, offers a lighter, more streamlined design and features such as: 50 percent less power consumption (AC or DC Power); 20 percent less weight; 20-degree wider viewing angle; 400 nits of brightness; TallyPlus or ClockPlus mounting and power integration; and a compact, rugged all-metal case design.

“Main Street Living” is broadcast each Sunday on KDLT-NBC, Sioux Falls, at 10 a.m. CST and KEVN-FOX, Rapid City, at 9 a.m.