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Australia’s ABC Taps Aspera for Workflow Automation

EMERYVILLE, CA.—The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has deployed Aspera technology as the foundation for their File Based Syndication system, automating workflow and high-speed content distribution to satellite offices throughout Australia from a distribution point in Sydney. Using Aspera’s comprehensive APIs, ABC was able to create an interactive dashboard for centrally managing and monitoring the entire system. The solution streamlined workflows, while providing greater visibility into the syndication system at reduced costs.

ABC, Australia’s national public broadcaster, provides television, radio, online and mobile services throughout the country. Prior to implementing this system, content used for syndication was distributed via satellite. The legacy system was replaced using technology provided by Aspera, making it possible for ABC to expeditiously deliver high quality content to multiple locations from a single point. ABC implemented a combination of API’s, including the Aspera Enterprise Server, Aspera Point-to-Point, and the Aspera Software Developer Kit. From Sydney headquarters, the Aspera Enterprise Server allows an unlimited number of simultaneous transfers with no restriction to file size, and automatically pushes assets to the Point-to-Point desktop transfer client deployed in Hobart, Darwin, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra for rebroadcast. 

The Aspera APIs allowed centralized remote server management through the use of an interactive interface with reporting, job control, queue management, and monitoring. Using the Aspera Web Service APIs, the ABC built a platform to allow automated content syndication with ingestion from its Grass Valley video servers and distribution to the remote play out centers as well as the ability to handle urgent job requests, which allows priority jobs to rise to the top of the queue. This included options to programmatically define bandwidth constraints "on-the-fly" to facilitate fine-grained control of the delivery priorities and bandwidth resources used.