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Australia’s ABC Boosts Communications with Riedel Artist Trunk Navigator

WUPPERTAL, GERMANY – Riedel Communications is bringing more connectivity down under, as it recently installed the Riedel Artist Trunk Navigator system for the Australian broadcast network ABC to support a VoIP-based communications network connecting ABC bureaus all across Australia.

Through the Artist Trunk Navigator, ABC’s existing Artist intercom systems are connected to a central trunk mater via a WAN connection. The Riedel technology allocates either analog or digital audio trunks up to 32 Artist intercom systems on VoIP lines. ABC’s VoIP network is configured as a mesh network, meaning each site is connected to many others. This allows the Artist Trunk Navigator to find an alternate path through ABC site routes if a power failure occurs or a path is busy.

ABC updated fiber link at multiple sites to administer the Riedel system, they also installed multiple nodes at its Ultimo site in Sydney to form an Artist network.