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Australian broadcaster picks Pinnacle Systems for media server and editor

Southern Cross Broadcasting (SCB), Australia's leading regional free-to-air television network, has selected Pinnacle Systems to provide the server and editing infrastructure for the network’s new tapeless play-out facility.

The underlying storage architecture of a MediaStream provides no single point of failure with full redundancy of all critical components.

Installed at the SCB play-out center in Canberra, the project centers on a large-scale deployment of Pinnacle's Palladium networked media architecture using MediaStream 900 Networked Storage Servers.

In addition, the nationwide editing infrastructure for SCB has been completely overhauled and standardized on Pinnacle Liquid nonlinear editing systems.

The pivotal factor leading SCB to choose Pinnacle‘s Palladium was its underlying architecture that enables SCB to digitally acquire and create content once from any location nationwide and transfer the material efficiently to the play-out station.

In addition, MediaStream servers provide HDTV readiness without requiring modification or additional cost, scalability through shared network storage and a fault-tolerant architecture. The result is a reliable, cost-effective way to play out multiple channels of MPEG-2 video with simultaneous standard- and high-definition formats.

SCB also deployed the MassStore Asset Management system from MassTech that leverages Palladium to further automate and streamline material handling. An Xsend command at the remote Liquid editing workstation initiates the fully automated MassStore material handling process to a central site.

The Pinnacle servers, Palladium Exchange, Liquid NLEs, Masstech MassStore and Spectra Logic Library were supplied and installed by Techtel Pty Ltd. of Sydney.

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