Australia to Test DVB-H Cell Phone Transmission

The DVB-H standard for transmitting motion video to cell phones will undergo a 12-month test in Sydney Australia starting later this year. Telstra, an Australian telecommunications company, will provide the service to qualified consumers who have purchased the required cell phone.

Joining Telstra in providing the service is The Bridge Networks, which is a subsidiary of Broadcast Australia. In addition, Harris Broadcast and Australia-based Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) will provide technical support and equipment for the project.

The test system is expected to reach about 80-percent of the Sydney metropolitan area, or about 3.2-million people. The trial will use up to 1,000 Telstra customers to measure coverage and provide feedback regarding the programming and quality of service.

Starting with 15 channels, the test system is expected to grow to 30 channels by the end of the 12-month trial period. The system will use Harris Atlas DVT660 transmitters and the transmissions will be broadcast from the Gore Hill site in Sydney.