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Audio-Technica continues to support Olympic games

Audio-Technica microphones will be used by Athens Olympic Broadcasting (AOB) during the broadcast of the 28th Olympic Games Aug. 13-29 in Athens, Greece. The use of Audio-Technica microphones for the broadcast marks the continuation of the company’s Olympic involvement, which began with the Atlanta Games in 1996 and has included Sydney in 2000 and Salt Lake City in 2002.

A large number of Audio-Technica’s shotgun microphones were selected for Olympic applications. Models chosen for the Olympic venues include the AT4071 and AT4073, as well as the AT815ST and AT835ST stereo shotguns, both of which were designed specifically for the Olympics in 2000.

Other microphones supporting the audio setup include the highly directional AT895 adaptive-array mic, AT841 omni-condenser boundary microphone, MT830 miniature omni-condenser lavalier, AT831 miniature cardioid-condenser lavalier, and the new 5mm AT899 subminiature omni lavalier. Audio-Technica wireless systems will also figure prominently.

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