ATSC recommends method for distributing digital signals for analog viewers

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) has published a new Recommended Practice on the “Conversion of ATSC Signals for Distribution to NTSC Viewers.”

It provides guidance to broadcasters and other creators of ATSC HD or SD content and to the operators of Multichannel Video Programming Distributor (MVPD) systems, such as cable or direct to home satellite. MVPD providers are in the process of providing broadcast channels to their SD viewers.

Many markets will utilize direct reception of ATSC digital television (DTV) signals. This Recommended Practice (A/79) provides guidance concerning system architectures that may be used by MVPD systems which utilize the DTV signal to provide high-quality programming to viewers who only receive NTSC services.

Glenn Reitmeier, ATSC Board of Directors Chair, said the new ATSC Recommended Practice provides technical guidance on the retransmission of over-the-air DTV signals to analog viewers on multichannel delivery systems.

The RP has been published on the ATSC Web site at