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Apple to reveal DV production technology strategy at NAB2003

Apple has announced a press conference to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) event held in the city from April 7-10.

While details of what the company will discuss were not revealed, the invitation very clearly implied that the news would be profound and would reveal Apple's strategic direction for digital video production technologies.

Apple has focused on Digital Video from consumer to professional or broadcast applications in recent years. Applications like iDVD and iMovie have introduced many first time users to video production on a computer, while professional users are familiar with products like DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut Pro, Cinema Tools and Shake.

Apple has used past NAB shows to announce updates to Final Cut Pro, QuickTime and QuickTime Streaming Server, as well as announcing the acquisition of Astarte and working relationships with Pinnacle and Matrox.

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